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What is fine art?
Does fine art have artistic value?
Does fine art maintain identical quality to the original?

Fine art is a print on cotton paper with the same artistic value as a lithograph. The creation process involves capturing the painting on a digital level and making graphic adjustments collaborating with the artist to optimize quality and fidelity to the original masterpiece. The final step involves professional printing on certified cotton paper.

The result of the print is identical to the original artwork with the cotton paper providing an opaque and “soft” effect, free from reflections. For that reason, you can frame the fine-art can without using glass, perfect for a complete viewing experience. While the brush strokes remain visible, as it is a ‘two-dimensional’ print, the fine-art lacks the textural effect typical of traditional paintings.

Is the fine art numbered?
Is it retouched or signed by the artist?
What are the maximum dimensions of the fine art?
How much does a fine art piece cost?
How can I pay for a fine art piece?

The fine-art is very convenient as it can be reproduced on request at any time and in any format (the maximum dimensions are the same of the original painting). On-demand printing do not involve numbering, because there are no special print runs, artist proofs, unique prints, or the need for touch-ups. The artist’s signature is typically placed on the back on a label certifying the product’s value as an art print and the production date. The original artist’s signature can be placed, upon request and without additional costs, both on the fine-art, along the edges, or on the passepartout. In the shop section you will find the product available in two different formats:

Small: 235 x 320 mm, equipped with a passepartout and ready for framing (frame not included), shipped in a cardboard envelope.
Large: Approximately 300mmx420mm, on paper without a passepartout, shipped in a cardboard tube.
You can also request other formats/sizes: they will be reproduced in a short period of time.

The cost of the fine art ranges from 1/4 and 1/8 to the original’s painting cost.
To proceed with payment, you can click on “add to cart” in the shop section, directing you to the PayPal platform. You also have the option to make the payment via bank transfer. Once the balance is received, your package will be shipped, and you can expect it to arrive within a few days. We offer worldwide shipping.

Faq original paintings

For any information, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will respond quickly through the WhatsApp chat, accessible via the button located at the bottom right of the homepage.

What paintings are currently available?
What is the pricing for an original painting?
What about the value of a painting?
Does the painting come with a frame?

The painting’s cost is determined by several factors, including the technique, dimensions, and the artist’s market value (quotation). The value is influenced by market dynamics and the potential for resale it to other interested buyers. The true worth of the artwork is truly priceless, as it lies in the admiration of those who wish to adorn their homes with it. Paintings generally come with a frame, that you can decide to remove or change( the cost of the frame is treated separately from the price of the painting itself).

If you need information regarding costs, availability, and framing, please send a message through the chat.

Is it possible to request commissioned paintings?

Can I request a commissioned painting (or a thematic collection of works), specifying the degree of artistic freedom granted to the artist in terms of interpretation and selection of various styles and painting techniques? If you need information regarding costs, availability, and framing, please send a message through the chat.

Can paintings be shipped worldwide?
How is a painting packaged?
What is the cost of shipping?
What are the expected delivery times?

Paintings can be shipped worldwide. It is mandatory, for countries outside the European Union, to request a certificate from the Fine Arts Authority( Soprintendenza di Belle Arti) allowing the export of the painting. This process is handled by the shipping agent and takes approximately 3 weeks.

We take special care in packaging the paintings, ensuring the protection of the corners. The frame is wrapped in bubble wrap, and the box is made of sturdy cardboard or wood.
As far as shipping is concerned, the customer will receive a link is where he can check the tracking. The express courier takes about 1 week to deliver.
No damage has ever occurred.

The shipping cost (including any necessary procedures), as well as the size and weight of the painting, depend on the destination country. For information on shipping costs, methods, and delivery times, please send a message through the chat.

Each painting has been published and perfectly identifiable in all details. Each painting bears the artist’s autograph signature and is accompanied by a label on the back indicating the title, collection, dimensions, technique, date, and signature.

How can I pay for a painting?

You can pay via bank transfer and, in some cases, through PayPal. Please send a message through the chat if you need information on payment methods, bank account or PayPal details.

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